Стих «He is the fucking strongest Trooper...»

Стихотворение на английском языке посвященное «Кримсонленду».

Hi all. And just like always we go.
And just like always we slow.
And all this shit always flow.
We want everything to blow up.
We want it never to stop.
You want your own life to swap.
And you have your own dreams.
They are impossible seems.
You fucking don't understand.
There is no other land.
But this Trooper thinking wrong.
He's power of will very strong.
He is the fucking strongest Trooper on this fucking planet.
The whole point is killing damn it.
So he just taking Jackhammer.
And making shooting like spammer.
He take bonus and everything freezes.
He shoot monsters in pieces.
So much violence Jesus.
You are bleeding like hell.
And you are screaming and felt.
And your hot tempered emotions.
And all the monsters, explosions.
Just kill all those monsters fagots.
All those spiders, maggots.
And just run around the map and kill all this crap.
And when all shit goes deeper in hell.
The reaper will come and tell.
Sell your level to devil.
Your soul better be mine.
Otherwise you will die.
Defense doesn't make sense anymore.
I have no offense to this no-man's land.
But i won't defend myself anymore.
The life is about trying not about killing and dying,
This is no point.
Just shoot.
Break your joint.
And fell in the mood.
You are totally screwed.
Now that's enough I'm leaving.
No more killing.
No more blood spilling.

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